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Aims and Scopes

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Aims & Scopes 
Medical and biological sciences
Bioethics, Medical ethics, Ethics in medical genetics, Ethics in alternative medicine, Ethics in health administration, ‎Nursing ethics, Ethics in mental health, ‎Ethics in sport and etc.
Education of ethics, Ethics in education, Ethics and social science, Ethics and human rights, Ethics and media, Professional ethics, Ethics ‎and ethnicity, Ethics in management, Ethics in historiography, Ethics and civilization, Ethics and law, Ethics and politics, Ethics and politics, ‎Ethics in literature, Philosophy of ethics and etc.
Technical and engineering sciences
Ethics in engineering, Ethics and IT, Ethics in ‎industry, Ethics in nanotechnology, Ethics and nuclear ‎technology, Ethics in NBIC and etc.
Basic sciences
Ethics and mathematics, Ethics and chemistry, Ethics and geology, Ethics and linguistics, Ethics and physics and etc.
Agricultural and veterinary sciences
Ethics and water consumption, Ethics and environmental pollution, Ethics and natural resources, Ethics and agriculture, Ethics in forestry, Outer space ethics and etc.‎
Art and architecture
Ethics in art, Ethics and urban, Ethics in Architecture and etc.   
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