List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML Antecedents and Consequences of Organizational Resilience with Emphasis on Work Ethics - Accepted in 2023/12/4
Mokhtar Heidari , Gholamali Tabarsa * , Nader Sheikholeslami Kandelosi
XML New Institutionalism and Ethical-Cultural Analysis of Administrative Corruption in Iran - Accepted in 2023/12/4
Behrooz Rezaee Manesh , Hosein Aslipour , Hadi Khanmohammadi , Pouya Poormoghadasian *
XML Origins, foundations and scope of agricultural ethics: A conceptual framework - Accepted in 2023/11/27
Ahmad Abedi Sarvestani *
XML Ethical Conflicts in Compulsory Arbitration with the Right to Action and Judicial Justice - Accepted in 2023/11/1
Afsaneh Garshasbi , Jalil Maleki * , Mojtaba Asgharian
XML Ethical Pattern of Faculty Members in Iran's Higher Education - Accepted in 2023/09/11
Kazhal Sheikhahmadi * , Mohammad Yamani Doozi Sorkhabi , Mohammad Hassan Pardakhti Pardakhti , Maghsoud Ferasatkhah
XML The Moral and Social Effects of Implementing Alternative Punishments of Imprisonment - Accepted in 2023/10/2
Mohammad Sharif Dashti , Ali Jamadi * , Ali Janipour
XML Ethics and Law: The Place of Fairness in Fair Proceedings - Accepted in 2023/08/31
Hasan Safarian * , Mahdi Shidaeiyan Arani
XML Examining the Moral Values in Shanfara’s Lamiyat al-Arab using Thomas Nagel’s Ethical Theory - Accepted in 2023/07/24
Fatemeh Hosseini , Seyyed Ebrahim Dibaji * , Firouz Harirchi
XML Ethical and Legal Challenges Facing Academic Start-Ups in Using Social Media - Accepted in 2023/07/26
Morteza Niroomand Sarvandani * , Mohammad Reza Saeid Abadi
XML The Relationship between Components of Ethical Governance and Social Capital - Accepted in 2023/07/10
Gholamhossein Fakher , Samine Bahadori Jahromi * , Abdulhamid Delshad , Keramatollah Rasekh
XML The Effect of Social Undermining and Unethical Interactions in the Organization on Employee Procrastination: The Moderating Role of Positive Psychological Capital - Accepted in 2023/07/12
Najme Jalalian * , Arezoo Amini Rad
XML Investigating Ideals of Professional Ethics in Islamic banking - Accepted in 2023/07/4
Babak Kalantari , Sanjar Salajeghe * , Ayyub Sheykhi
XML Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Abusing the Emergency Circumstances of People in Marriage In Iran - Accepted in 2023/06/25
Fatemeh Khalijian , Abouzar Ebrahimi Torkaman *
XML The Relationship between Liberalism and Human Values Based on Public Interest: Moral Understanding of Social Responsibility - Accepted in 2023/03/5
Shiva Yousefi , Bahman Banimahd , Hashem Nikoomaram *