List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML Prediction of the Auditor's Professional Skepticism Based on the Ethical Climate of the Organization and Demographic Characteristics of the Auditor - Accepted in 2023/01/16
XML Studying the Mediating Role of Intellectual Ethics in the Relationship of Digital Leadership and Smart Decision-making - Accepted in 2023/01/14
Mohsen Ahmadi , Mohammad Reza Ardalan * , Siroos Ghanbari , Afshin Afzali
XML Developing a Framework for Evaluating the Skills and Morals of Digital Humanities Scholars - Accepted in 2023/01/30
Faezeh Mesrinejad *, Fatima Fahim Nia, Manuel Burghardt
XML The Role of Ethical Values in the Meaning of Life and Its Impact on Education from the View of Frankl's Approach - Accepted in 2023/01/22
Ghasem Gholam Hossein Poorkami, Vahid Fallah *, Ladan Salimi
XML Attar's View of the Infra-structure of Self-Knowledge of Man's Perfection and the Ethical Society - Accepted in 2023/01/2
Ali Darabi, Zahra Rafeie *, Maryam Zibaee Nejad
XML The Relationship between Dewey's Moral Contextualism and Kant's Deontological Ethics in Abortion - Accepted in 2022/12/25
Ghasem Fardid, Ahmad Akbari *, Mahmoud Ghafoori Nezhad
XML Free Will as the Fundamental Basis of Moral Action According to Mulla Sadra and Kant - Accepted in 2022/12/18
Batoul Yarali, Mohsen Fahim *, Mojtaba Jafari
XML Investigating the Obstacles to Achieving Good Governance in the Public Sector with an Emphasis on Civic Ethics - Accepted in 2022/11/6
Mohammad Mobaraki * , Fatemeh Teymouri, Masoud Hajizadeh, Mohammadreza Rezaei
XML The Model of Ethical Components Affecting Political Development in Higher Education - Accepted in 2022/12/12
Masoud Shafiei Chafi *, Reza Mahdi
XML The Role of Ethics in the Development of Arbitration Clauses Towards Third Parties in Iran - Accepted in 2022/11/26
Sara Malek Mohammadi, Majid Ghamami *, Hassan Mohseny
XML The Relationship between Machiavellianism and Moral Identity of Auditors: Examining the Role of Gender - Accepted in 2022/10/17
Seid Mohammad Bagherabadi, Hashem Nikoomaram, Bahman Banimahd
XML The Relationship between Auditors’ Moral Disengagement and Audit Quality - Accepted in 2022/10/11
بهمن بنی مهد *
XML Evaluation of professional ethics relations and the level of implementation of the policies of the Organization of Natural Resources, Forests, Ranges and Watershed Management of the country - Accepted in 2022/11/7
Hossein Dehghani *, Masoud Pourkiani, Sanjar Salajeghe, Saeed Sayyadi, Zahra Shokouh
XML Brand Ethical Personality Model in Iran's Consumer Products Market - Accepted in 2022/10/9
Mahmoud Mohammadian *, Seyyed Ali Akbar Afjei, Maghsoud Amiri, Mehrzad Kari
XML Trust the Ethical Principle of Virtual Interactions: Designing a Dynamic Model of Factors Affecting the Trust of Social Network Users - Accepted in 2022/09/5
Seyedeh Nasrin Taghizadeh Shiadeh, Abolfazl Danaei *, Seyyed Mohammad Zargar
XML Analyzing the Relationship between Competitive Intelligence Activities and Ethics with Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Capabilities of Technology Commercialization - Accepted in 2022/08/22
Kiarash Zebarjad , Ghasem Rezaei *
XML Constructing the Impact of Social Commerce on Customers' Electronic Loyalty with an Emphasis on the Ethical Values of the Organization - Accepted in 2022/07/9
Malihe Anari , Reza Shafei * , Abdullah Naami , Mohammad Reza Kashefy Neyshabouri
XML A Review of Research on the Professional Ethics of Managers - Accepted in 2022/07/19
Ahmad Zakizadeh, Hassan Dehghan Dehnavi *, Mozhdeh Rabbani, Abolfazl Sadeghian, Shahnaz Nayebzadeh
XML Predicting Organizational Ethics and Justice based on Managers’ Narcissism according to the Behavioral Approach - Accepted in 2022/05/31
Shahriar Faghekarimi, Fereydoun Ohadi *, Hashem Nikoomaram, Ramezanali Royaye
XML Designing a Causal Model of Buyers' Orientation in the Decision-Making Process According to Ethical Factors - Accepted in 2022/04/12
Farzam Bahreini *, Ismail Hassanpour Ghoroghchi, Vahid Reza Mirabi, Mohammad Hossein Ranjbar