List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML An Analysis of the Moderating Role of Ethical Leadership in Relation to the Effect of Market Orientation and Technological Innovation on Business Performance - Accepted in 2023/05/27
Maliheh Sadeghi, Seyed Morteza Ghayour Baghbani *
XML The Position of Professional Ethics of Teachers in Virtual Training of Schools - Accepted in 2023/03/14
Siroos Ghanbari * , Ahmad Azizi
XML A Perceived Causal Relations Model for Social Control of Academic Transgressions Among Faculty Members - Accepted in 2023/04/16
Shalaleh Meraji Oskuie * , Abbas Abbaspour , Ali Delavar, Abbas Toloie Eshlaghy
XML The Role of Social Conservatism in the Slippage of Professional Ethics: A Comparative Comparison of the Public and Private Sectors of the Auditing Profession - Accepted in 2023/03/5
Donya Maleki , Javad Ashrafi * , Mohammad Hossein Fatehi Dabanlou
XML The Relationship between Liberalism and Human Values Based on Public Interest: Moral Understanding of Social Responsibility - Accepted in 2023/03/5
Shiva Yousefi, Bahman Banimahd , Hashem Nikoomaram *
XML The Concept of Justice as a Moral Virtue of Societies in the Discourse of Liberal Democracy - Accepted in 2023/04/16
Foroud Shafiei, Hamed Ameri Golestani * , Mohammad Ali Shahriari
XML The Role of Sense of Security and Social Cohesion in Adherence to Social Moral Values - Accepted in 2023/04/10
Farzaneh Alaei, Faizollah Nouroozi * , Hosein Dehghan
XML The Model of Ethical Variables Affecting Branding - Accepted in 2023/04/6
Behzad Velady , Mohammad Rahim Esfidani * , Tahmores Hasangholipor Yasori
XML Identifying Moral Damages Caused by the Lifestyle of Students Affected by Cyberspace - Accepted in 2023/02/21
Masoumeh Khalkhali, Kiomars Niaz Azari *, Taraneh Enayati
XML Prediction of the Auditor's Professional Skepticism Based on the Ethical Climate of the Organization and Demographic Characteristics of the Auditor - Accepted in 2023/01/16
XML Favorable Social and Moral Consequences of Organized Crime Management in Society - Accepted in 2023/02/18
Azam Madih *, Mohammad Reza Rahmat, Ardovan Arzhang
XML The Role of Educational System and Moral Teachings in the Process of Political and Social Development of Developing Countries - Accepted in 2023/02/11
Mohsen Abdullahi *
XML Developing a Framework for Evaluating the Skills and Morals of Digital Humanities Scholars - Accepted in 2023/01/30
Faezeh Mesrinejad *, Fatima Fahim Nia, Manuel Burghardt
XML The Role of Ethical Values in the Meaning of Life and Its Impact on Education from the View of Frankl's Approach - Accepted in 2023/01/22
Ghasem Gholam Hossein Poorkami, Vahid Fallah *, Ladan Salimi
XML Attar's View of the Infra-structure of Self-Knowledge of Man's Perfection and the Ethical Society - Accepted in 2023/01/2
Ali Darabi, Zahra Rafeie *, Maryam Zibaee Nejad
XML The Relationship between Auditors’ Moral Disengagement and Audit Quality - Accepted in 2022/10/11
Rezvan Shaban *, Bahman Banimahd , Farhad Hosseinzadeh, Hashem Nikoomaram