List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML Philosophical Foundations of Post-Modern Citizenship Education and Implications of Social-Ethical Education - Accepted in 2024/02/28
Unes Ahmadpuri , Mohsen Farmahini Farahani , Akbar Rahnama
XML Ethics and Gender in Taliban Political Thought: Women's Rights and Freedom of Speech - Accepted in 2024/02/3
Ghorban Nahani Pour , Gholam Hossein Zareh , Hamid Reza Haghighat
XML A Comparative Study of Compensation for Moral Damages in the Legal System of Iran and England - Accepted in 2023/12/17
Mohammad Eshaghi , Hamed Rostami Najafabadi , Hojjat Jalilian
XML Antecedents and Consequences of Organizational Resilience with Emphasis on Work Ethics - Accepted in 2023/12/4
Mokhtar Heidari , Gholamali Tabarsa , Nader Sheikholeslami Kandelosi
XML New Institutionalism and Ethical-Cultural Analysis of Administrative Corruption in Iran - Accepted in 2023/12/4
Behrooz Rezaee Manesh , Hosein Aslipour , Hadi Khanmohammadi , Pouya Poormoghadasian
XML Origins, foundations and scope of agricultural ethics: A conceptual framework - Accepted in 2023/11/27
Ahmad Abedi Sarvestani
XML Ethical Conflicts in Compulsory Arbitration with the Right to Action and Judicial Justice - Accepted in 2023/11/1
Afsaneh Garshasbi , Jalil Maleki , Mojtaba Asgharian
XML Ethical Pattern of Faculty Members in Iran's Higher Education - Accepted in 2023/09/11
Kazhal Sheikhahmadi , Mohammad Yamani Doozi Sorkhabi , Mohammad Hassan Pardakhti Pardakhti , Maghsoud Ferasatkhah
XML The Moral and Social Effects of Implementing Alternative Punishments of Imprisonment - Accepted in 2023/10/2
Mohammad Sharif Dashti , Ali Jamadi , Ali Janipour
XML The Relationship between Liberalism and Human Values Based on Public Interest: Moral Understanding of Social Responsibility - Accepted in 2023/03/5
Shiva Yousefi , Bahman Banimahd , Hashem Nikoomaram